How To Disable Text Selection in your blogger blog

How To Disable Text Selection in your blogger blog 

Hello, Guys, my name is Mudassir Iftikhar and Today I’ll talk about how to Disable Text Selection in Blogger which is very simple and quite easy.
But first why you disable Text Selection in your blogger blog? If you want to save your website from copywriters you have to do this. This step neither effect on your blog ranking nor on your blog theme.So why you cannot do this, I think this is very good for your blog because everyone cannot copy your article which is absolutely good.
Are you agreeing to do this but how you can do this, which is very easy and simple.
After you done this, Suppose If you don’t like Disable Text Selection on your blog you also easily convert your blog to normal blogger blog. How To Disable Text Selection in Blogger blog? So, let’s have a look

Step 01

First login to your blogger account.

Step 02

Go Dashboard –Layout
Step 03
Click on any Add Gadget because it is not shown on your blog.

Step 04

Copy this code and paste in HTML/JavaScript and click on save.

<script type=”text/javascript”> var omitformtags=[“input”, “textarea”, “select”] omitformtags=omitformtags.join(“|”) function disableselect(e){ if (omitformtags.indexOf( return false } function reEnable(){ return true } if (typeof document.onselectstart!=”undefined”) document.onselectstart=new Function (“return false”) else{ document.onmousedown=disableselect document.onmouseup=reEnable } </script>


Step 05

Now you Disable Text Selection in your blogger blog.

If you don’t like this you just remove the HTML/JavaScript gadget.

Today you learn how to disable Text selection in your blogger blog and how to remove it.

Thanks for reading

If this tutorial is helpful for you then must leave your feedback, If there any query regarding above tutorial then ask for your feedback, I must try to respond earlier.

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