10 Different Sensors are used in Mobile Phone: Explained in Detail

Mobile phone sensors Explained

Do you want to know that how many types of sensors are placed on your mobile phones? and what they are doing? If yes, then read this article because in this article I will tell you all about mobile phones sensors.


The accelerometer is one of the most commonly used sensors in mobile phones. So what does it work? It tells our phone’s software how we’ve caught or placed it. An accelerometer is helping our phone in autorotation option.


The gyroscope is an advanced version of an accelerometer. Gyroscope helps our phone by telling in profoundly how we’ve caught or placed it even they tell direction and angle of our phone. Gyroscope helps us when we take panorama pictures because our mobile knows our phone direction and angle that’s why at the end of a panorama shots our phone automatically emerge perfectly all the pictures.

Gyroscope also helps us in playing temple run type games because in that type of games we are controlling by moving our phone.


Magnetometer basically acts as a compass in our phone. Magnetometer helps us in maps applications. We can check North, South, East and West directions with the help of Magnetometer. Magnetometer also helps us in some applications who are detecting metals because this is basically magnet.

Proximity Sensors

You can watch proximity sensor in front of your mobile phone near with Camera. So what does it works? It measures the distance and tells our phone that how far we are from the screen of our phone. It helps us when we are attending call then the screen light is off automatically because our cheek cannot touch buttons.

Light Sensor

We are also called it Ambient Light Sensor. This sensor is also located near proximity sensor. Light Sensor is helping us to control the brightness of our mobile screen by detecting our environment light.


The barometer measures the atmospheric pressure of our environment. We can find that how much above we are from the sea level. This sensor is helping us in two ways. First one is, they provide us our accurate location and the second one is, in health-related applications, they tell us how much do we go on the mountain.


The thermometer is in every type of phones which measures our phone battery temperature and internal components of our phone. But some phones have an external thermometer which measures the temperature of our environment which helps us in many ways.

Air Humidity

Air Humidity sensor measures air humidity in our environment and tells us that environment is Good or Bad for us.


This sensor is on very few mobile phones. Pedometer tells us how much steps we have done basically this sensor is help health-related apps. If your phone has not pedometer sensor then accelerometer will do this work with the help of some apps but this is not accurate but if your phone has pedometer then you can get the accurate value.

Fingerprint Sensor

Last but not least because fingerprint sensor is very famous nowadays and on coming days we will watch this sensor on every phone. I know you know about it that’s why I’m not writing more about it.


Radiation Sensor

The radiation sensor is on very rare phones. Mostly this sensor is in Japan made phones. We can detect that how much harmful radiations are in our environment with the help of radiation sensor. Now, this sensor is on very very few phones but maybe in coming years, we will watch it on many phones.


So these are some most and common used sensors in Mobile Phones. If you know more sensors name then tell me in the comment section. And if you found it nice then must share with your friends.

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