If you want to buy a new car and there you have seen a highlight of the ABS feature and
want to know
what is ABS then You are on the right site?
Today in this article I will cover what is ABS? and I will explain Anti-lock Braking System in

So let's start it

What is ABS?

ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System which is used in vehicles. ABS system is a very
feature and you can see this feature in many Cars and even in Bikes.
ABS is used for our comfort driving and ABS is also secure us in driving.
Still, confuse Don't worry.

What is Anti-lock Braking System?

A system that protects our wheels from being the lock. In simple words when you push
suddenly the
brake pedal then your tire will stop working but your car will still slide and then you will lose
the control of your car tires and in some cases, even you will not able to move your tires
right and left.
still, confuse?
Let's make it easy with Real-life example 
Assume you have a big and heavy Box and you are pushing it, Initially, you have to put
more force to move the box but once they get momentum then sliding friction will perform
(sliding friction is fast than rolling friction). It means then you can easily transfer boxes from
one place to another.
The same case with your car tires, if once they locked then your car will move with more
speed because here rolling friction is off and sliding friction perform.

How ABS works?

In this system, we are using some smart sensors who find out the speed of our car tires and
when they found that driver pushing brake and tires will be getting stuck then this system
controls the brake and then they apply force to stop in the form of pulses. By this, our car
does not stop suddenly rather it stops normally and our tires do not lock suddenly and you
can control your car easily.

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