Best Photocopy Machine For Business and Home in 2018

Best Photocopy machine

Best photocopy Machine in 2018

In this article, I’ll also tell you Best Photocopy Machine list in 2018. But first I’ll tell about How they work then you can easily determine which is best for your use.

There are many different types of the photocopy machines Big photocopy machine, Small photocopy machines some are color photocopy machines and some are black and white photocopy machines but did you ever think that how does photocopy machines works? If no then read this…

How does photocopy machine work?

Usually, photocopier machines big in size but the concept are used in that machines are very simple and easy to understand. You can easily print anything on the page in different color and black and white.

When we placed the documents on the glass then there is a bright light which scans our documents through a lens and reflected onto the specially coated drum. The coating becomes electrostatically charged with a mirror image of the documents. The drum is rotating then fine black particles that make up the ink called toner are attracted to the charged areas on the drum the same areas that would be the print on the paper. The copy paper is rolled over the drum a heat roller fuses a toner from the drum and onto the paper reproducing the real image.

This technique is old. Nowadays we are using digital photocopy machine. In digital photocopy machine, we can reduce the size of documents and if you remember micro photocopy most of the people using for the cheating purpose on exams. You are able to edit because of the new concept of photocopy machines. There we are using a sensor who is clicking the photo of our documents then we can also store lots of images and when we need then copy these images because our documents are saved as images.

The sensor we used there is CCD sensor (Charge Coupled Device) which we were used in old cameras. Nowadays we are using CMOS sensor in cameras.

Digital Photocopy machine is very advanced here we can do many things Scanning, Photocopy, Printing, and Fax. But the concept remains same here we just used CCD sensor extra.

Photocopy concept

When the idea of photocopy came then most of the people do not digest it because they say that why we’ll use photocopies But Nowadays you know the importance of photocopy. Photocopies are used in Schools for paper and tests, in Offices for documents saving and notices etc

Best Photocopy machine in 2018

As I mentioned that there are lots of different types of photocopy machines but Now I’ll show you 7+ best Photocopy machine.

Note this List is given by my friend who is very expert in this field and most of the machines he already used and have great experiences so this best photocopy machine list credit goes to Muhammad Zeeshan Ansari.

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1. Canon imageCLASS D570 Printer with Scanner and Copier

Best price product at this range and highly recommended as a great black-and-white printer.


  • You can directly be connected it through Wi-Fi to your mobile devices without a router.
  • Print speed is 28 pages per minute.
  • Easy to set up, user-friendly, and Five-line display.
  • 250 sheets at standard and one sheet in the multiple-purpose tray.


  • People are discouraged when WiFi is disconnected. And Just.

Buy now

2. Brother Printer MFCJ6935DW Wireless Color Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax

This printer is reasonably fast.


  • Low Cost, Less than one cent per page for black and white printing, and less than five cents per page in color.
  • 500-sheet dual paper tray and 100-sheet multi-purpose tray and printing on envelopes and cardstock.
  • Handles 11″X17″ paper, scans to searchable text, excellent paper handling and loading capacity, low replacement ink cost.
  • Easy to replace printer cartridges.

Review The print speed is the fasted I have ever seen for an inkjet and so far no paper jams.


  • Sometimes it takes 5-6 minutes from the time you click print.
  • Print colors are washed out/dull.

Final words Overall working Fine and good for home use.

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3. Canon Lasers ImageClass D1550 Wireless Monochrome Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax.

Another Canon low-cost printer. Recommended at this range price.


  • You can easily connect your mobile devices without a router using Wi-Fi Direct connection.
  • Print speed, up to 35 pages per minute and first print is less than 6 sec.

Review It does everything the more expensive one does.


  • A bit difficult to set up.
  • Sometimes it says the paper is jammed on almost every print job even when not jammed.

Buy now

4. Canon imageCLASS D550 Laser Multifunction Copier

  • Most Advanced print modes include watermark, poster, page composer and toner saver.
  • So far so good.
  • Fast printer and scanner, and easy to set-up.
  • Price is low with these features.


  • Sometimes first copy came out with the image crooked on the paper.

And just.

Buy now

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5. Brother DCPL2540DW Wireless Compact Laser Printer.

Most Popular Printer.


  • Nice company support.
  • Wireless connection.
  • Good for light to moderate black and white printing, copying, and scanning.


  • Without fax Feature.
  • Very big in size.

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6. Canon imageCLASS D1320 Laser Multifunction Copier


  • User-Friendly.
  • Taking 8 sec or less to print first copy.


  • About every 10 pages it will not pick up the paper from the tray.

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7. Canon Laser imageCLASS MF4770n Monochrome Printer 


  • First Print speed is less than 8 seconds.
  • 5 lines LCD display.


  • The firmware is cumbersome for scanning.
  • No canon support.

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8. HP LaserJet Pro M225dn Printer with Scanner, Copier, and Fax, CF484A

  • Print quality is Good.
  • The software is very well thought out.


  • It has a lot of good functionalities but it’s really, really slow as a printer and especially as a copier.
  • Noisy.
  • No way to set it to letter manually.

Buy now

NOTE: All the link are affiliated so if you want to do me a favor then buy through these links.


There are lots of nice photocopy machines but they have many faults with there nice features that’s why I’m not considering them because I not like that anybody has a bad feeling for my recommendations.

So best photocopy machine list is given by my friend and he is a very trusted source for me that’s why I recommend you.

If you have any feelings or experience regards above listed products then put your feedback in comment section.

Have a nice day and Please insure and then buy any product because these photocopier machines are high in cost.

Hope you’ll get Good and Best Photocopy machine.

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