How Adaptive Cruise System Works? Explained

Adaptive Cruise System

In Pakistan, We are still waiting for self-driving cars but a new technology Adaptive Cruise Control System will make our driving experience more comfortable.

So in today’s blog, I’ll tell about How Adaptive Cruise Control System works? in Detail.

Let’s start it,

Nowadays we are using many advanced technologies on our motorbikes, Cars, Buses, and Trucks for more comfortable driving. And Adaptive Cruise System is one of them.

If we talk about a normal car. They have Brake, Gears, Accelerator, if the car is manual then they have Clutch etc. but if I talk about the long drive or in traffic jam driving then your feet get a lot exercise because again and again pressing Brake and Accelerator. And most of the time we get tired because there we need to be active.

Cruise System

And in this situation Cruise System came to helping us in many years before.

In this system, we set up our car speed fixed as our need for example if we at the high road and we know where we need 120km/h speed. So there we’ll set up 120km/h our car speed then the car will automatically maintain 120km/h speed and if any car or traffic came then when we press brake then this setup will automatically cancel.

So this system was really helpful for us and making our driving experience more comfortable but here a problem that this is system is not intelligent. If once we set up any speed then they maintain that fixed speed always even a truck is in front of you then you need to be active for cancel system by pressing brake. After canceling system you need to drive your cars as manual.

So in that system, you need to stay active because this system has not any sense where to get slow or fast.

This is all scene in Cruise System. Now I’ll tell you about Adaptive Cruise System where this system is very intelligent and they have control to get fast and slow automatically as our need and foreign countries are using it since one or two years but in Pakistan, we are waiting yet… yeah its came but very rare.

How Adaptive Cruise System works?

In this system, you need to set up two things maximum speed eg. 100km/h and maximum distance between your car and things in front of your car eg. 30m, 40m, 100m etc. Then this system will maintain your car speed as well as the distance between your car and things mean car, bus etc in front of you. That’s mean if you set 80km/h speed and a car suddenly comes in front of your car. Then the system will automatically decrease the speed of your car. Because they need to maintain their gap and when they feel that area is clear then they will again increase their speed to maintain 80km/h speed.

So Adaptive Cruise system automatically control your speed. And here you don’t need to push brake or accelerator again and again. And this system makes your driving more comfortable.

How did Adaptive Cruise system determine?

But how this system understand that where they need to increase and decrease our car speed. So if you heard about Radar system. Mostly we are using Radar at airports for knowing that how many planes are in that space and where they are. So in Adaptive Cruise System cars manufacturer placed the Radar in front of cars.

So when that radar emits radio rays. These rays will collide with cars if any cars are in front of your cars. Then these rays will bounce back then your system determines how much distance between your car and other vehicles in front of your car. And if there are no cars then rays will not bounce back then your car speed will conserve.

Here we are using another system Collision Avoidance. Which controls your brake. If your front car is suddenly stopped then this system will save your car from the collision. By suddenly braking.

So these all systems are working completely automatic and you just need to setup once and then relax your car will control everything.

More Systems

Adaptive Cruise System is really comforting our driving special in morning and evening. When there are lots of cars in jam and there are many more systems which makes our driving comfort. Another one is Blind Spot Monitoring System which helps us as a side mirror. So when you want to change your lane then this system will tell you that it’s safe or not. Another system is Lane Monitoring System this system control indicators. when you are on highways and you want to change your lane. They turn on your indicators because they keep their eye on lanes.

So there are many systems are used in the cars and most of them I discussed in this post. So must share this interesting information with your friends and buddies.

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