What is Artificial Intelligence? Machine Intelligence

Today we will discuss what is Artificial Intelligence(A.I.)? how will be the future of Artificial Intelligence will Great or bad. what is the scope of Artificial Intelligence? Can Computer kill us there are many questions burning but wait? Are you know what is Artificial Intelligence?

If you are techy or love to learn about technologies then I think you know what is Artificial Intelligence? If not then don’t worry, before starting the whole discussion I will tell you what is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence? (A.I.)

Artificial Intelligence has two words Artificial and Intelligence. Artificial meaning non-natural while Intelligence meaning ability to think, understand, behave and learn, etc.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In Artificial Intelligence, development of such kind of computers or machines who is just like a human. They perform work as a human. They have emotions ability to thinks, learn, understand and the most important making decisions in different situations.

Parts of A.I

  • Thinking Humanly

Think like a human. That means a machine feel their shame etc.

  • Acting Humanly

Act like a human being. That means a computer who get angry etc.

  • Thinking Rationally

A machine who think sensibly or wisely. Think about the facts o logics.

  • Acting Rationally

A robot who act on available facts and make the right decisions.

So these are the parts of A.I. By combining these things we will get the best Artificial Intelligence robots or computers.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence

First, Let me more clear about A.I. by the answer to a question. What is the most powerful thing in this world? try to do an answer. I surely say that the answer is in your head. Yes, the most powerful thing in the world is your brain rather world most powerful robot can not challenge the brain of a human.

Because Brain is created by God and so-called robots are made a human that’s the big difference between them.

Creation of new robots is not artificial intelligence. A. I mean the development of such kind of system who is more advanced than a human brain but there are many steps to reach the destination.

Small A.I. systems are already created you can see them in the face of iPhone face detection, air traffic control, Facebook friends request suggestions, self-driving car, etc

But these are not exactly A.I. These type of systems falls under weak A.I. system we also explained types of A.I. in below para.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are three types of A.I. which are following

  • Weak A.I.

Weak A.I means a machine who is expert in one thing and he can not do another thing and also cannot think like a human.


In 1997, Deep Blue computer beat the champion in chess but if you play ludo with deep blue then you can win easily because they have no idea about Ludo because he is the expert of chess only. That means he neither plays any other game himself nor thinking like a human.

  • Strong A.I.

The human being is so intelligent and has more common sense than any other. Strong A.I. is Artificial General Intelligence. Strong A.I. is equal to the intelligence of a human being. That means if your robot performs all work like us this is called Strong A.I. or Artificial General Intelligence or Artificial Wide Intelligence.

You can see Artificial General Intelligence in the market in 2050 if it is possible. But one day will come when you can see Robot working the same as a human being.

Suppose we have reached that day. so this will not stop best robots will create super best robots and this will continue and then you can see third type singularity.

  • Singularity

Singularity is Artificial Super Intelligence. Singularity is that level where a human being is nothing. You can see singularity after just 1 week or 2 of reaching Strong Artificial Intelligence because strong A.I. robots will improve their self by himself this thing is a singularity or Artificial Super Intelligence.

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Doubts on A.I.

There are many question marks on A.I. because if once they reach our level maybe they will harmful to human life. Bill Gates and Elon Musk shows their doubts on A.I. and some are happy.

Elon Musk says “With the artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon”

Zuckerburg says on Elon Musk point on A.I. “pretty irresponsible”

The experiment of A.I.

In 1995, Alon Turing conducted a test called Turning Test. This test is done for proving that a machine can act like a human being.

For more detail, about Turing Test click here

Watch First 7 days of Artificial Intelligence (very interesting).

So Maybe Artificial Intelligence will harmful to a human being. You can see strong Artificial Intelligence about 2045 or 2050. But keep in mind a machine never ever can work as a human being.

As usual, we have a bonus for you

Artificial Intelligence will be decoding Indus Valley Scripts

If you yet never heard about Mohenjo Daro then first read about Mohenjo Daro while also tell you some line about Mohenjo Daro.

Mohenjo Daro is 4500 years old valley which is more advanced than others at that time. Mohenjo Daro was invented in 1922. This valley is more civilized they are very disciplined people their homes are well functioned. They have drained system at that time even they know writing skills that mean they are very advanced and intelligent people but the mystery is that we found many wrote but we cannot translate their language and the scientists says that if once we decode their language we will understand more about the history and maybe it will help us in new inventions.

But now a new hope has arrived in the face of A.I. Scientists say that A.I. robots will translate this language. Because A.I will more intelligent. If we talk about right now A.I. you observed that when you search on google “How to” they show you more examples  like below screenshot

They suggest you himself same like that A.I. will decode the scripts of Indus valley. If it will be done then it will be great news for us because it is about 4500 years old mysterious and we more know about hour history.

Maybe they are more advanced than us Maybe UFOs comes at that time. But we will know when whole scripts will decode.


So finally we are at the end of the article I hope my this article will help you to understand what is artificial intelligence exactly. If you like this article feel free to comment below I will happy if you give your kind feedback.

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Thank U reading

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