Human Brain Attached To A Computer? Brain-Computer Interface Explained

Brain Computer Interface

Howdy Readers,

Today we will talk about Brain-Computer Interface in which we will cover following questions

  • How does Brain-Computer Interface work?
  • How Brain-Computer Interface helpful for a human?

So let’s start it.

As you read Brain-Computer Interface that means to interact directly with the brain to a computer when we develop such interface then we call them BCI which is stand for Brain-Computer Interface.

How does Brain-Computer Interface work?

Before understanding BCI first you need to know that how our brain works?

Now I will come into Biology field to making it simple. Because Brain came into Biology field. So if you are a biological student then it will more easy to understand for you.

Our Brain works with the help of nerve cells and these are uncountable approx. 100 Billion and we are calling them neuron. Nerve cells have two ends axon and Dendrites and they are attached to each other.

Now, this is an interesting thing that our nerve cells contain electric signals or pulse but in very very small amount and these signals help us to work our Brain. With the help of these signals, our Brain thinks, store memory, etc.

So, if we create such thing who understand these signals and as we know that machines also work with electrical signals that means machines understand electric signals.

That means Brain and machines can be attached and surprisingly we already attached Brain and machines.

So here a question arising that

How Barin-Computer Interface collect our Brain signals?

Usually, these signals do not come out of our body but when they become more overflow some signals come to the layer of skin and these phenomena is not harmful because it is by default.

When the first achievement was tested, a helmet was placed on our head through which needle was chewed on our head and they showed us that there were electrical signals but in very small amount.

As we know that machines understand electrical signals that mean we can control machines with overflow signals.

So if I’m scared then some signals of scaredness will come to my skin layer then if we create such a system who will collect these signals and as a result, the machine will work something.

So, we can attach our Brain and machine and the first time we did this experiment on Monkey and he was controlling robotic hands by only thinking that means we are already achieved that we just need to think then work will automatically perform.

So this is how Brain-Computer Interface works.

Stephen Hawking is a famous personality and as you know that he is disabled but he is so intelligent. He is interacting with a computer by just moving his cheek. This is something like BCI and this is so different.

So I think after reading this article you understood what is Brain-Computer Interface and how they work. In future scientist and engineers will develop many inventions with the help of Brain-Computer Interface and definitely this help for a human being.

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