Best Latest Budget Smartphones 2018 In Pakistan


Hi Friends, Today I’m going to discuss Best Latest budget SmartPhones 2018 in Pakistan. In this article, I have considered Best Latest Five Budget SmartPhones 2018 in Pakistan. So let’s start it, As you know at 2018 prices…

Range of Bluetooth? All Myths About Bluetooth

Range of Bluetooth

There are many Myths about Bluetooth and in this article, I’ll clear all the myths about Bluetooth. So let’s start it If we talk about old mobile phones, There was we are using the infrared option to transfer data and…

10 Different Sensors are used in Mobile Phone: Explained in Detail

Mobile phone sensors Explained

Do you want to know that how many types of sensors are placed on your mobile phones? and what they are doing? If yes, then read this article because in this article I will tell you all about…

What is RAM? How much you really need in Smartphones?

Howdy Readers, In This Post, I’ll tell you what is RAM? Basically, RAM is one of the considerable features of any mobile phone. When a buyer buys a mobile phone, so he definitely considers RAM of the phone….

What is Aperture? Eye of your Camera Explained

Howdy Readers, What is Aperture? One of the basic question from smartphones buyers What is Aperture? You have must notice whenever you bought a smartphone because in the specification you can see aperture is like f/1, f/2, or…

10 Best smartphones in Pakistan under Rs 20,000

Howdy, Readers….. After 20 days gap, I came back with more passion. Like my Facebook Page for Tech  News: Gift Lenders Now come to the Topic. Best smartphones in Pakistan under Rs 20,000. Before 3-4 years we have…

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL – Phone by Google

So Finally Google has launched Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 Xl. Both Pixel 2 and Pixel Xl have excellent features. I will discuss Google Pixel 2, PIxel XL, specifications, Camera, Price and I will give also my…

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