How to Earn Bitcoin in Pakistan full Explained

Earn Bitcoin in Pakistan: Trade and investment are what you control. If you do not have control over it then it is neither trade nor the investment.

And Bitcoin is something like that.

CEO of Digital Currency Group global Barry Silbert says that investment in cryptocurrency is Highest Risky and Highest Return investment.

This means that it has a lot of benefits and is also very risky But

“To get profit without risk, experience without danger and reward without work is as impossible as it is to live without being born”. A. P. Gouthey

Earn Bitcoin in Pakistan

Bitcoin created disaster globally. That’s mean all over the world people are investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are some countries who banned Bitcoin like Colombia banned Bitcoin in their country, Bitcoin banned in Taiwan, China planning to ban Bitcoin, Kyrgystan bans Bitcoin for the violation of state laws, Thailand and Vietnam bans Bitcoin but these countries banned Bitcoin, not for the cause of risky investment. Bitcoin is banned over there for security risk or it violates some states laws.

But a great news for who wants to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan that is Bitcoin transactions are still not banned in Pakistan.

Wait… you want to invest in Bitcoin?

If yes then why, only for the hype of Bitcoin then not invest in Bitcoin because most seasoned investor Warren Buffet says about Bitcoin

It’s a Mirage. The Idea Has Some Huge Intrinsic Is Value Just a Joke.

So according to him “People are not buying into the value of substance They are buying into the value of Hype”.

So if you are seeing any substantial value of Bitcoin then invest in Bitcoin

But overall Bitcoin is a Hype.

How Bitcoin works?

we don’t know how Bitcoin works. Bitcoin value fluctuates every day up to 30%.

We know how a shop works because here we have influence but in Bitcoin, we have no influence here we just invest and need to wait for the increase in the value of Bitcoin.

Explained Basics of Bitcoin in 1 minute and 41 seconds

Invest In Bitcoin In Pakistan

So if you decided to invest in Bitcoin then it is a great idea there are many investors are in Pakistan who invest in Bitcoin and even normal citizens are investing in Bitcoin.

Choose the best Platform to invest in Bitcoin is necessary and make sure it’s not spam or gamble.

Bitcoin is Virtual Investment

Keep in mind that Bitcoin is virtual Investment, not an actual investment like debt fund, equity fund, share, property etc.

So what is the difference between Actual and Virtual Investment?

Actual Investment is a little bit slow and lazy but Virtual Investment is very fast but not predictable but it’s not a big difference because some Actual Investment is also not predictable.

Both types of investment have their different nature of growth that’s why we don’t need to compare Actual Investment and Virtual Investment.

But if we talk about which investment is best for Pakistanis then, Virtual Investment is a new concept, limited track, and it has low credibility in Pakistan while Actual Investment is an old concept, detailed track, and higher credibility in Pakistan.

That’s mean if you have a Plot then you know that your plot will be existing in this world after 5 or 10 years later rate may be affected (up or down) but it has some value and if we talk about Bitcoin, maybe Bitcoin will be banned all over the world in the next 5 or 10 years (maybe) and maybe Bitcoin value will more increase in next coming years because this is not a predictable Investment.

Are you still confuse in how to Earn Bitcoin in Pakistan?

How to start to Earn Bitcoin in Pakistan?

You don’t need to buy 1 Bitcoin if you want to start investing in Bitcoin then buy firstly some satoshis. Satoshi is a unit of Bitcoin. 0.000,000,001 Bitcoin is equal to 1 Satoshi.

So it’s not necessary to buy one Bitcoin. You can buy 1 tenth of a Bitcoin or 1 fifth of a Bitcoin it depends on your range of investment.

Fraud in Bitcoin

After the Hype of Bitcoin, there are many fraud companies started their own cryptocurrencies. Almost 700 Plus Cryptocurrencies are present in the market and these number is increasing daily but all are not fraud. Most of them are fine but some cheaters or scammers are also started their work so always make sure that you are investing in the right place before investing in any field.

As I mentioned in above Investing in Bitcoin is risky. So always buy Bitcoins from a trustable source because there are many scammers also present in Bitcoin Market.

How’s Bitcoin Minning in Pakistan?

The only way to increase the number of Bitcoin is Bitcoin Minning.

How Bitcoin Minning works?

If any Bitcoin owner wants to transfer their Bitcoin then they need to pay some fees for a successful transaction and the person who is authenticating that transaction is successfully completed then he will earn few Bitcoin as a reward. So that is how Bitcoin Mining works.

So for Bitcoin Mining, miners should have high processor then he will able to authenticate Bitcoin transaction and to run that high processor you need to provide high power electricity.

That’s mean Bitcoin only profitable when electricity bill is less than earning for example if you are mining Bitcoins and you earned let assume 50$ but the electricity bill is 70$ then it is obviously totally loss of time and money.

Bitcoin Mining in Pakistan Or Earn Bitcoin in Pakistan

So if you want to start Bitcoin mining in Pakistan then, first of all, you need to buy high processor which is obviously very costly. And if you once bought high processor then a big problem in Bitcoin mining in Pakistan is, electricity is very expensive and the shortage of electricity. Even in most of the areas, people are facing load-shedding.

So Bitcoin mining is not profitable in Pakistan. If you want to earn Bitcoin in Pakistan then you need to buy Bitcoins otherwise you will lose your money.

It is not that Bitcoin Mining is not profitable for all over the world. Where electricity is not expensive than the earning in Bitcoin mining than you can start Bitcoin mining out there. In advanced countries, people are mining Bitcoins out there.

Some points about Bitcoin

Earn from Bitcoin in Pakistan

Future of Bitcoin in Pakistan

I think Future of Bitcoin is very bright not only in Pakistan rather all over the world.

If only 1 percent people of the world invest in Bitcoin then Bitcoin value will increase up to 100k Dollar. So if you have extra money and want to spend them then Bitcoin is the Best place.

History Of Bitcoin

Google is saying that Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder and first miner of Bitcoin But no one knows who is he that means founder of Bitcoin is anonymous and its last activity was found in 2011 and another mysterious thing is that no one knows why he had left work on Bitcoin. Maybe Satoshi Nakamoto has many Bitcoins and he will come when the value of Bitcoin will increase more or when the value of Bitcoin on his edge.

Final Words about How To Earn Bitcoin in Pakistan

Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies are non-predictable so this thing always keeps in mind before investing in any cryptocurrencies and then always ready for every kind scenario because Bitcoins value fluctuates that means profit or lose both the possibilities.

Hope You Enjoy this Article.

Please share this information with Pakistani Friends because in Pakistan 80% people don’t know what is Bitcoin and why Bitcoin is creating this Hype.

So must share this article with your Pakistani friends.

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