Everything you need to know about AC before Buy

Hi, Guys,

As you know, The summer season has come and it is too hot high like every year and AC is great for such summer.

So maybe you are thinking to buy AC but confused to choose because there are many options like 1 Ton AC, 1.5 Ton AC, 2 Ton AC etc, inverter AC and Non-Inverter AC and Slip AC or WIndow AC and what is start rating?

So in this article, I’ll tell about everything about AC.

What is TON in AC?

The most asked and popular question is What is TON in AC? and there are many rumors about it like TON is its weight.

So, Guys, it is not its weight buy why we are using this word “TON”

I have a very easy example to show you,

Assume that I have installed a 1 TON AC in my room. So it will cool my room as if a TON ice is kept in my room.


1 TON AC = 1200BTU/Hour

1.5 TON AC = 1800BTU/Hour

2 TON AC = 2400BTU/Hour

And so on…

I think you still confused about BTU/Hour. So if we convert it into watts then there is no any standard answer about this because it depends on AC’s Star Ratings.

If I tell you by directly convert it then,

1 Refrigeration TON = 3516 Watt Approx

But it doesn’t mean that if you have 1 TON AC then it consumes 3516 Watt electricity (Don’t worry I’ll tell you in Below)

Next question about AC

Inverter AC and Non-Inverter AC

But first, you need to know about Working Principles of AC.

Important parts of AC.

  1. Compressor
  2. Condensor
  3. Evaporator

These three parts perform some works then AC generates Cool Air (I’m not going into detail)

Main difference Between Inverter AC and Non-Inverter AC

The main difference is working Compressor,

Non-inverter AC

Assume that you set the temperature to 22 C and when you ON the AC then compressor start their working and when they arrived at 22 C in your room then they will stop working and when your room lose 22 C and temperature is increased then your AC will start working again and this process will continue and in result you feel hot and cool again and again.

Inverter AC

In Inverter ACs your AC’s Compressor can be working with variable speed and they maintain a constant temperature, There is very less Noise, and the most important thing is that Inverter AC will consume very less Power. But Inverter ACs are more costly than Non-Inverter ACs.

Ideal AC Capacity for Room

I have a formula for this but you should consult with an experienced man because it depends on your area, room, house, size etc

Cube Root of the volume of your room and then divide them by 10 then you will get approx value

Like if your room size is 120 to 150 square foot then you need 1 TON AC or if your room size is 150 to 180 square foot then you need 1.5 TON AC or if your room size is 180 to 250 square foot then you need 2 TON AC.

Window AC and Split AC

There is very less option of Window AC so here you need to choose Split AC because there are no other options. Split AC has two parts one is installed in your room and other is installed outside. In window AC you will get all components in one Part. Price of window AC is less than Split AC but I will suggest you Split AC.

Thanks to read Hope after reading this article you will ready to buy a Best AC for your room

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