How to Find a Co-Working Space in Karachi?

The culture of how we work is continuously evolving and people are considering co-working spaces and office spaces to work in a collaborative environment. As start-ups and freelance culture are growing more co-working spaces are popping up all around Karachi. Choosing a coworking space in Karachi is not that easy because Workplace environment plays a key role in the enhancement of productivity and work quality. Here are some factors you should consider before you settling in one place.


With frequent client conferences and urgent time limits, you wouldn’t need to waste your time in Karachi’s infamous traffic. pick a co-working area that is convenient for you and your clients.  As they say, time is money. Don’t underestimate the importance of accessibility whilst choosing a place to work.

Interior Space and Facilities

Is the space perfect to support both private and collaborative work? Is the meeting room ready with the present day technology? Is the net speedy, strong and secure enough? Does area offer a relaxing area where you may take a break and relax? make sure you ask these questions before booking your desk, especially if you’re planning for long-term membership.


As mentioned above work environment is so important and the main reason for joining a co-working space is its collaborative environment. Make sure the co-working space you’re joining has a thriving community to network and regular networking activities to warm you up for innovative ideas.


Last and not the least price plan are most important to consider before choosing an office space. Go for a place that offers basic office facilities at a reasonable price. Go through their membership packages and select that suits you more with your desired facilities in your estimated budget.

There are so many office spaces in Karachi. But you need to find an office space with right facilities and community that support your business. So follow the guide above then you will easily find your desired working space for your work and business.

Contributor: Surriya Hanif.

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