How do Microwave Ovens Work? Is microwave oven safe?

How do Microwave Ovens Work? Is microwave oven safe?

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Today we will talk about How do Microwave Ovens Work? because this process is very questioning for me and not even me I think this is same for everyone who doesn’t know How do microwave ovens work?

So let’s start to reveal what science is used in this process? and A big question that Is Microwaves Ovens are Safe?

How do Microwave Ovens Work?

Basically, microwaves are electromagnetic waves and if we talk about electromagnetic spectrum then these waves come in between radio waves and infrared waves. Here frequency is 2.145 GHz commonly are used.

A device Megatron is releasing these waves. There we are using Thorium and Tungsten and when we attached power supply then they release electrons stream which is moving with that particular frequency. The walls of an oven are such type of wall when waves collide with the wall then they remain inside the oven without passing wall.

Normally when we put anything I mean food for heat. So there are some Fats, Sugar, and Water molecules that absorb electrons and then these molecules are vibrating which produce heat energy. This is a process in which electrical energy is converting into heat energy.

So this is how do microwaves ovens work?

Now there are some doubts that microwave oven is safe for us or not?

Some people are saying that there are radiations are in that food which is heated in microwaves oven that’s why this is harmful.

So this is a totally wrong tale.

Because microwaves are non-ionizing radiations and the frequency is also same with our WIFI. The only difference is that power is little bit High. But that doesn’t mean that if you have a hot meal from Microwave then radiation will go inside your body OR if you are standing in front of microwave oven then it is harmful to you.

So, guys, a microwave oven is totally safe for us and you can use it easily. You can see different types of presets in different types of ovens where you can easily use them.


Discovery of the oven was accidental in world war Two and then patent them and now finally we are using Ovens without any difficulties. Here we don’t need to blow fire or anything else.

I Hope you understand how microwaves oven works. So share this article with your friends and give your feedback in comment section.

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    Thanks for an informative article and clearing some doubts over the use of microwave ovens. This informaton will help people use the microwave ovens without any fear.

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