How To Add Facebook Like Box To Blogger

Nowadays, Social media perform the very vital role to promote your creative & informative works & articles.

This is very important to add facebook page plugin in your blog (web site) to increase likes on the facebook page and turn your traffic from site to Facebook page. This widget gives you an opportunity to grow your Facebook page, through your site, Similarly, we also use google plus, twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.. for the same purpose.After
After adding this feature to your blog you’ll able to show your spread working to your visitors and through this, you can convert your non-regular visitors to the regular visitor. You can create Facebook page box for blogger page by very simple steps which are following

Step 01

Create Code

     Create your code through Facebook for the developer. First, you go Facebook for developers. 
 Then click on Get Code

Step 02

Code placement

After clicking on “Get Code” a PopUp comes on the page, You just need to copy those code.

After getting code sign on your blog, click on layout, 
Select the bar where you want to add Facebook Page Widget, then click on add a gadget. 
and then select HTML/JAVA script.
Leave blank title box, and put your code in content box which you got from Facebook for developer,
title box, and put your code (which you got from facebook for the developer) in the content box.
& then click on save button.
Then you need to open or reload your site, you can see there your Facebook page Like Box appears on your blog.
Which is look like below screenshot,

Thanks for reading,????

If this tutorial is helpful for you then must leave your feedback, If there any query regarding above tutorial then ask in the comment section, I must try to respond earlier.


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