How To post a Link on Facebook with large image thumbnail?

Hello, guys, my name is Mudassir Iftikhar and today we are talking about How To post a link on Facebook with large image thumbnail?
We are posting our article on Facebook for getting more views because Facebook is also a good platform for getting more Traffic on our website but when we posting links on Facebook the post looks like this.
 Check this Tutorial
If you are worried about how to post a link on Facebook with large image thumbnail?
Take it easy because it is very simple.
Follow below steps if you want to post your article on Facebook with the large image.


1. Large image post only for desktop (not for mobile).
2.This problem is not for every person.

Step 01

Open your id or page where you want to post and then paste your Link but not click on the post just like this.

Step 02

Go on this link Facebook Developer Click Here and paste your URL and click on debug.
Then copy this link, and now you need to post it again where you want Facebook page or profile.
You are ready to post your link on Facebook with large image thumbnail.
Just go your facebook page and paste your link which is absolutely with large image thumbnail.
This problem is facing by very few people and I think now they understand how to post a link on Facebook with large image thumbnail share this post with needy friends.

Thanks for reading,???? 

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  1. Now you catch me, I was not aware of this at all. I always post my link and it seems to be OK, I see others posting with larger thumbs but thought, they might have other pictures … I am going to try this immediately.

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