Top 10 Ways to increase website visitors | Boost your Website Visitors

Are you a blogger who is struggling to increase website Visitors.
So, you are reading right place
Today I’m going to show you how to increase website Visitors. Every day a lot of developers come on the internet and create a website for earning and for promoting his content but after one or half month, a number of developers quite just because of low Traffic. They fail because they have not any plan or strategy to promote their content.
So, basically today I give you plan, strategy and some useful tips which are definitely helpful to increase visitors on a website.
If you are serious about your website, increasing traffic is quite easy.
So, let’s start it

1. Social sharing

Creating quality contents are not enough here you need to share and promote your contents. Almost every people of this century using social media mean social media is one of the biggest traffic consumers. Social media is allowed you to share your images, videos, and links.
Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the most famous platforms to share your content and links. You have to create profiles on popular social media sites and there share your contents. This way is really effective to increase visitors on a website.

2. Start Guest Posting

Guest Posting is the way to create backlinks and it helps you to rank your website rank on any search engines like Google. But keep one thing in mind create quality content for guest posting, not write posts only for getting backlinks. If your posts are really helpful for readers then they will come to your website.

3. Improve Loading speed of website

Loading speed is an important factor in Google’s search algorithm. If your website speed is slow then, you have to improve this thing on your website. Because when people open your website, slow loading of your website leaves a bad impression on him. Make sure your website for readers and search engine friendly and fast loading.

4. Using long tail keywords

By using short tail keywords are not easy to rank high in google search engine. I suggest you, use long tail keywords because it has low completion and easy to rank high in google than short tail keywords.
Make sure use long tail keywords.

5. SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is an important part any website. Good work on SEO really helpful for optimizing your posts on google search engine.
There Two types SEO

On Page SEO

“everything you do on your site is called on page SEO”. Such as XML sitemap submission, keyword researching, title tag, Meta tag, header, image optimization etc. All these are considering as On Page SEO.

In fact, without on page SEO, you fail to get more visitors on a website.

Off Page SEO

In Off Page SEO, social sharing, link building etc. Off page is also important for getting visitors on a website.

6. Internal links

The strength of your website link is not exclusively determined by how many sites link back to you but it can also be affected by your internal linking structure. so when you publishing content add internal links because it does not only helpful for SEO it also helps to the readers.

7. Responsive website

Responsive website mean website properly working on any device. Visitors open your website on different resolution size device. Ensure that your website is friendly for any device.

8. Advertise

This one is paid but so obvious. Google Adwords is one of the great choices for advertising. adjust your budget to suit your goals and make sure about your objectives before going to invest.

9. Submit your content to Reddit.

Reddit is also a great platform to submit your content. Share every post on Reddit on the Daily basis. Reddit really helpful for increase website Visitors.

10. Post Content to LinkedIn

LinkedIn now becomes much more than finding another job. It is the biggest platform to share your content. which means you should be posting content to LinkedIn, by doing this, you can get lots of visitors on your website.


All these ways are really helpful for increasing visitors on a website. If you like Top 10 Ways to increase website visitors | Boost Your Website Visitors , share on social media and must comment your feedback.

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About the Author: Mudassir Iftikhar

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  1. Cool Post Mudasir,

    Increasing a website’s visitors isn’t hard, it’s very easy if you actually follow tips that work!

    Thanks for the info here, have a nice one mate.

  2. I’m sorry that I’m not sounding so optimistic, but here’s my say

    Y’all just repeating the same thing over and over

    If you don’t have money to Boston your post, there’s just little you can do with seo and fast loading site and social bookmarking

    Your traffic increases as your blog gets older, there’s no shortcut to it

    Anyways, you gotta do your own part tho

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