Brain Computer Interface

Human Brain Attached To A Computer? Brain-Computer Interface Explained

Howdy Readers, Today we will talk about Brain-Computer Interface in which we will cover following questions How does Brain-Computer Interface work? How Brain-Computer Interface helpful for a human? So let’s…

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Mac Vs PC | The Big Fight | Fair Comparison

  Howdy, Readers Today I’m going to write about Mac vs Pc Fair Comparison that means not one-sided. Here I’ll do a fair comparison basically I’ll tell you features, Pros, and…

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10 Best smartphone in pakistan under 20,000

10 Best smartphones in Pakistan under Rs 20,000

  Howdy, Readers….. After 20 days gap, I came back with more passion. Like my Facebook Page for Tech  News: Gift Lenders Now come to the Topic. Best smartphones in…

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What is Artificial Intelligence? Machine Intelligence

  Today we will discuss what is Artificial Intelligence(A.I.)? how will be the future of Artificial Intelligence will Great or bad. what is the scope of Artificial Intelligence? Can Computer kill us…

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rooting and jailbreaking

Rooting and Jailbreaking-Legal or Illegal-Should you do it?

Today I’m going to talk about Rooting and jailbreaking. In this article, I will cover these questions What is Rooting and Jailbreaking? Rooting and jailbreaking is legal or illegal? Should…

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What is Linux?

What is Linux? Linux Vs Windows? No Virus?

Are you know what is Linux? and your answer is no then to keep reading this article because today we’ll talk about Linux. What similarities and differences between Linux and…

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Internet Speed on Mars

Internet Speed on Mars – 1Gbps LCRD – LASER Internet??

If I tell you that if we go to space in the coming days and we will be able to take home on the moon or mars and we should be…

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