Range of Bluetooth? All Myths About Bluetooth

Range of Bluetooth

There are many Myths about Bluetooth and in this article, I’ll clear all the myths about Bluetooth.

So let’s start it

If we talk about old mobile phones, There was we are using the infrared option to transfer data and both devices had to be kept close because infrared rays are working only in one line. Same like in T.V. remotes if we use remote from left or right to the T.V. then it will not work properly that’s why here we need to keep remote in front of T.V. because these types of rays work only in one line.

But when we started using Bluetooth then the technology gets more advanced. After the discovery of Bluetooth, we are able to use wireless handsfree, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

But here the range of Bluetooth is a big concern. because when we are using wireless handsfree and goes away some distance from the mobile phone then we lose the sound and wireless connection.

All devices have not same ranges. There are different ranges of different devices.

The range of Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is working on rays same like sound waves or electromagnetic waves. So if we talk about sound waves then it ranges depends on three things.

  1. How loud I’m speaking.
  2. whats the environment (obstacles) between me and others.
  3. How much is the ability of others to listen?

In Bluetooth, we have divided it into three classes which is based on how much its transmitting power.

  • Class1 has 100mW transmitting power with approx. 100-meter range.
  • Class2 has 2.5mW transmitting power with 10-meters range.

And this class is normally using in many devices such as wireless speakers, wireless handsfree etc. That’s mean our normal device range is 10-meters.

  • Class3 has 1mW transmitting power with range is approx. 1 or 2 meters.

Class3 is mostly used in that devices where our first priority is battery not range.

While the most advanced class of Bluetooth is Class5 with the 800-meters range which is very high. That means the range is directly proportional to the transmitting power.

Myths about Bluetooth

The first misconception is people are thinking that if we hide our Bluetooth then other can never know that our device is in the range, while reality is not that because there are many apps who can able to people to see every Bluetooth device on his range.

The second one is, some people thinking that Bluetooth is safe but it is not reality Bluetooth hacking is possible.

But at the end, Bluetooth is very helpful for us. It made easy to transfer data between two devices.

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