Top 5 Premium WordPress plugins Ever (Best WordPress Plugins)

Today I am introducing you to the Five Premium WordPress plugins you should use when you want to spend a few bucks on some premium solution. Now in this article is about Premium WordPress plugins. I Previously post an article that featured the Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins.

The link is Here: Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins Ever

5. Soliloquy


Soliloquy is the best responsive WordPress slider. Other sliders make your website slow load which is very bothered. But here you can get a much faster slider to load. Soliloquy also available in a free version that you can try on right away.

Price: $19 per year.

Download: Click Here

4. OptinMonster


This is a Good when you want to do some lead generation on your website. Let’s say you have people visiting your website and you want to capture their name and their E-mail address.

How do you do that well you don’t want to stick a form on every single page? So OptinMonster has a really Good way in order to integrate Lead generation pop-up forms.

Price: $9 per month.

Download: Click Here

3. Backup Buddy


If something goes wrong with your site or your site gets hacked. Having a backup at hand is the quickest way to get back and running again.

Backup Buddy is the best choice for WordPress backup and migration because it is very easiest Plugin for backup. You can backup your all data in few clicks. you can also migrate your site to a new domain or server.

BackupBuddy is a product of iThemes who is a well-known name in the WordPress field because of their quality and support.

Price: $80 per year

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Download: Click Here

2. iTheme security Pro

So the next one is iTheme security Pro. It also available in the free version but the free version does not give you a lot of protection but the premium version (the pro version) gives you to access these options down here Malware scan scheduling, Privilege escalation, Password Exploration, Two-factor authentication, reCaptcha and few more. These options are going to be very helpful when you’re securing your website and since cybersecurity is such a huge issue nowadays.

You definitely want to have as much protection as you can.

Price: $150 per year.

Download: Click Here

1. Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO plugin also available in a free version which is also a good SEO plugin but Premium Yoast Plugin does have some extra features.

Redirect manager, It redirects old URLs to new ones.

Multiple Focus Keywords, They offer multiple focus keywords while the free version only will optimize for one keyword.

Social Previews, If you guys know when you see that those posts on Facebook how they look really nice, so this will actually show you what it looks like before you post it.


Here I have Free version.

You can see there after clicking on social. We can only edit title, description, and image but on premium version, you can preview your post on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Premium version also helps you to create internal linking, insights and in Pro version, you can get 24/7 support but the only plugin related.

Price: $69 per year.

Download: Click Here

Final Words

These are five Premium WordPress plugins that are not Top 5 Plugins but these plugins are very helpful for a professional website.

If you have a normal blog you would not need to get it I recommend you to use free or alternative versions but if you are a professional blogger or running a business website you would need to get it because it truly helps you for getting subscribers, backup, SEO, Web designing, and for Security.

So this article is really helpful for Bloggers, So make sure that share this post with your blogger buddies.


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  1. Hey Mudassir,
    I am using free Yoast but after reading this article I am thinking to buy premium Yoast btw great articles.
    Have a nice day.

  2. I have been using yoast – free version and it has worked really well, I’m sure the paid version is amazing! Great list, thanks for the share!

  3. Until now I had no need for premium plug-ins since the free once are serving all my needs. Even I use Yoast there are other free plug-ins which do the premium work of Yoast. But never say never, good to know

  4. YOAST! It’s one of the best seo tools that wordpress have and it’s one I miss when I went back to… ???? Why I went back to blogger is another story. HAHAHAHA

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