What is Aperture? Eye of your Camera Explained

What is Aperture

Howdy Readers, What is Aperture?

One of the basic question from smartphones buyers What is Aperture? You have must notice whenever you bought a smartphone because in the specification you can see aperture is like f/1, f/2, or etc.

what is Aperture?

Photo quality depends on some factors and Aperture is one of them. Firstly I’ll tell you how they make your photo quality Good or Bad.

So if we talk about any camera for capturing something. Then we need light for better photo quality otherwise our photo quality will not Good. That means the light is necessary for capturing photos. But it is not that we need more light to take good pictures.  We have to control the light so that we can get Good pictures.

In every camera, sensors are fixed and you can not change them but you change the sensitivity of ISO and there are more two factors that you can change and make your photo quality better. First one is shutter speed and the second one is Aperture. So if you control these two factors then you can capture Good photos.

Shutter speed is very simple to understand. How long your camera’s shutter open. For example, 1 sec shutter speed that means camera’s shutter opened for 1 sec, some light goes inside and then the shutter is closed.

The light is going through a hole and that hole is Aperture.

So if your Aperture size is big then you can get more light inside and if your Aperture size is small then you can get less light inside.

Most common Apertures are f/1, f/1.4, f/2, f/2.8 etc. If I tell you in detail that what is f/1 or f/2 then it is so complicated. Because here many things are considered such as focal length, sensor size etc but I’ll tell in simple words, then you can easily determine it.

The lesser in number then it will be larger in size. For example, F/1 is larger than f/2 in size. That means the number is inversely proportional to the size. Hope you understand.

Brightness will be higher if the size of Aperture is higher.

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Bokeh Effect

Aperture is also making Bokeh effect or your shallow depth of field. So if your Aperture size is big then you can capture photos with nice Bokeh effect similarly if your Aperture size is small then the picture you get from them will ordinary image.

Aperture Myth

Suppose that your phone has f1.8 Aperture and your friend’s DSLR has f/3.5 Aperture then you do not need to think that your smartphone has large size Aperture than DSLR then my smartphone has a nice camera because sensor size is completely different and DSLR lens is also Big in size.

That means you can compare only similar sets.

Another thing to know that in smartphones you cannot change Aperture but in DSLRs, you can change it according to your choice.

Hope today you learn What is Aperture? if yes then you can also subscribe my website for more Technical Information.





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