What is RAM? How much you really need in Smartphones?

What is RAM

Howdy Readers,

In This Post, I’ll tell you what is RAM?

Basically, RAM is one of the considerable features of any mobile phone. When a buyer buys a mobile phone, so he definitely considers RAM of the phone.

RAM is not hard to understand if you are little bit Techy then you know what is RAM?

What is RAM?

RAM stands for ‘Random Access Memory’.

I will tell you in simple words with the real-life example.

Suppose that you are doing some work at your office and you have needed some files for your work and that files are placed in another room. So what you do? Obviously, when you need that files you will go to the room and then you will put them on your desk.

Now assume that this time you need lots of files and there is no place to place more files on your desk.

But if your desk is big then you will have put all files on your desk at once and you no need to go on next room again and again.

So here the room is your mobile phone memory and the desk is your mobile phone RAM.

RAM is the fastest memory and a normal memory cannot challenge a RAM.

RAM is providing everything to the processor in very fastly. So if you installed a game then it is stored in your phone memory but when you open that game the game is transfer from your memory to RAM. Then your game is working fast.

So when your mobile phone RAM is low then if you open more applications then your phone is lagging.

That’s why we are calling that more RAM is good for Multi-Tasking then you can easily use many applications at once.

How Much RAM do you need?

In nowadays 2 GB RAM is a minimum requirement of our mobile phones. If it is less than 2 GB then your mobile phone work slow. Because nowadays size of applications is increased. As if we talk about the Facebook app when we open this app they cover approx. 200 MB same as all the applications size are increasing with the quality that’s why RAM usage is also increasing.

So if you want to work multi-tasking then you must need 2 GB RAM. So what about 3 GB or 4 GB? if your phone has then its good but if your phone has 2 GB RAM then your phone will have also working Good.

RAM increasing Myth

First of all, keep in mind that you cannot upgrade your phone RAM while you can increase RAM on your Laptop and Computer. So some so-called paid and free software are saying that they can increase your phone RAM. Basically, some are fake and some are converting your phone memory into RAM but as I mentioned in above that you can never compare your phone RAM and memory because RAM is quick and fastest memory.

RAM Categories

There are some types of RAMs and all 2 GB RAMs are not same because it depends on your processor. This another Topic and I will also write on it so wait for it and subscribe Website.

My Opinion

My suggestion is that you can buy more than 2 GB RAM phones if it is 3 Gb or 4 Gb then it is good for future for applications update.

I Hope that you Understand what is RAM?


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