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Our security on the Internet or computer has become very weak. I mean that every new day on the Internet we are hearing a new type of attacks.

Sometimes ago we heard about Ransomware attack and recently I heard about Wifi attack which name is WIFI KRACK Attack.

So if you are using WIFI than you must need to read this article. I will tell you how it is working? what can you do now? and what you cannot do now? because here all over the world WIFI users security is at risk.

So let start what is WIFI KRACK ATTACK?

If you are a WIFI user than you know that first of all we need to set up a very strong WIFI password. If our WIFI Network has a strong password and we are using WPA or WPA2 than we feel like we are very secure and no one connects to our WIFI. And we are thinking that we are on a safe side.

But If any foreigner(attacker) successful to know that what you are doing through your mobile phone or laptop on the Internet without connecting to your Network. So what a lot of trouble might be for you.

So normally suppose you have a WIFI system and you know the password for that WIFI than if you connect your mobile phone or laptop to that network. So, first of all, you are able to use that WIFI after putting your password.

But after connecting when you transfer any data or receive any data through the Internet so infect those data are encrypted.

That means which data transferring from your device to your router and then ahead.

So space between your device to the router I don’t know what you sent or received. Because your router give the key to your device and the key is different for every single message. So if once I know your key than I don’t know the next key so in this case, I cannot decrypt your messages.

But If it is the key that is my wish then I use the same key again and again. So, in this case, I will find out what you are doing on the Internet.

WIFI KRACK ATTACK Stand for “Key Reinstallation Attack”

So In this attack hacker can find out your communications and they can easily decrypt your data. And He can also send malware, Virus or anything like that to the victim device. He can also install software like Ransomware.

There are two different scenarios. First is all devices which have above Android 6.0 and the second one is users of Linux.

So in this two devices, a hacker can set zero key of your encrypted data That means your data is completely unencrypted. That means hacker know all that you are doing on the Internet. Because once he knew your key then they will easily hack your data with any software like Wireshark etc.

You cant need to relax that your devices are not Linux or above Android 6.0. Now whether you use iOS, other versions of Android, Mac or Windows. That means if you are using any operating system than maybe you will be hacked because if once anybody’s hold on your key then he can easily hack your data that all the devices in the world who are using wifi then they are affected by this Attack.

What do we need to do?

we just need to wait for a new software update. So how we will the update get. Our wonders are providing us updates. Microsoft already published a KRACK fix. But you will get it only when you are using genuine Windows and Google is also working for to fix it. But he is putting his priority on the pixel phones and router developer companies also working on it. That means you just need to wait when updates come then you need to install them.

But there is no hacker who are interested to hack normal devices like our devices basically they target companies.

So this is full detail about WIFI KRACK Attack.



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  1. Wow, I’m so thankful that I found this. I’m not at all good with technology so reading this may have saved me from an attack! Thank you!

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