Your Online Privacy? ISP Tracking? Online History?

Your online privacy

Guys If I say that I know what you had done on the internet yesterday. Are you shocked? or are you thinking that how he knows? or maybe you think that oh my God it all knows what I did on the Internet.

Here you Don’t need to think about me because I’m kidding. But you need to worry about your Internet Service Provider because maybe he knows your online activities.

So Today In this article I will tell you about your online privacy. So keep reading this article.

Your Online Privacy

If we are talking about our routine. There are so many things that we keep private. Whenever we meet any strange or new person. Then we do not share with him that where we live, what our work or how much we earn something like that because we want to keep it private.

Firstly we create a friendship with him/her then we share. But even after that, we will not tire our few things with him/her because we want something keep completely private.

But if we are talking about when we use the internet then it happens that we are on our mobile or laptop and we take it to our room and think that whatever we are visiting on the web does not know except us. and we are doing entirely private. We start to incognito mode to comfort our heart.

So this is your mistake. It does not happen at all.

Because of the internet is not ours. If we want to use the internet. Then we just need to buy from somewhere and that who provide us internet who know everything that what we are doing on the internet.

The burning question is that how much they can know about us?

So let discuss it

First of all, you need to know that they know that which websites you are visiting. whatever you visited whether it is Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. Your ISP knows everything because his duty to show you what you searched on the web.

If we are talking about what we did on websites then the answer is yes your ISP knows everything which page you visit what you buy everything but when the site is not encrypted otherwise, they don’t know what you did if the site is encrypted. Facebook is encrypted site so in this case they never know what you are doing on Facebook. Which profiles you visited, what you liked or where you commented.

Login Password

If we are talking about login password or username. Then they also never know your password because the login pages are always encrypted but your Internet Provider Know the length of your password.

In some cases, they don’t know what we are doing but most of them your ISP knows what you are doing on the internet.

Maybe Internet Service Providers sell your data. Most of the cases they sell your data because the value of these type of data is very significant.

So maybe they sell your data or maybe they use those data to improve their quality.

your online privacy

So now we need to think how we use the internet completely private. But I’ll tell you that will not have any harm. If ISPs sell your data because now your online privacy is very rare everyone tracking FaceBook, WhatsApp, Google, YouTube etc.

Must read

If you want to know that how Facebook And Whatsapp tracking us then you should need to check this article How Social media tracking us? Behavioral marketing   

Let come to the topi. if Facebook is tracking you and you left the use FaceBook but if your ISPs tracking you then how you left it.

The solution is VPN if it is well-reputed VPN. Then you will use the internet privately because here the ISP is completely encrypted.

But if your VPN think to sell your data. Yes, VPN is capable to sell your data.

That’s why I mentioned in above that privacy on the internet is very rare. By the way, If you are doing normal work on the internet. Like me than you don’t need to worry about it because there is no one else who is free to track you.

Final Words

So Enjoy internet if you are not worried about that anyone knows that what you are doing on the Internet.

I Hope you’ll like this information and will share it with your friends as well and feel free to use the comment section.

Thank You



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